Social responsibility


1. First of all, it is the most basic social responsibility of the enterprise to develop the enterprise well, increase the number of employees, enable the enterprise to

 obtain excellent talent team, let the employees get systematic training in the enterprise, be able to develop and stabilize the employment in the enterprise for a

 long time, make the employees satisfied and share the fruits of the victory of the enterprise!

2. According to the planning of the industrial chain, we will build Chinese herbal medicine planting and processing bases in Anhui, Shaanxi, Henan, Sichuan, Tibet, 

Xinjiang and other genuine medicinal material producing areas, help rural industrial development, accurately help poverty alleviation, and fulfill corporate social 


3. Relying on universities and scientific research cooperation, we should build an integrated platform of production, learning and research, promote the transformation

 of scientific research achievements, and provide students with internship and employment opportunities.

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